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12-15-2011, 09:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Doctor No View Post
If folks are skating hard, I'm supportive, whether or not they are good.

If folks are lazy, I'm hard on them, whether or not they are good.

You're going to find ***** in this sport, just like any other sport. Ignore them (hard advice to implement, I know).

I am very hard on guys who don't skate and complain when we get scored on, or guys who will work hard on offence but won't skate back. on my team it is one of the more offensively gifted players who I am hardest on (he doesn't pass either, 5 on 3 and shot from the goal line instead of a clear pass to the middle in the slot).

I get a lot of the less skilled guys asking me for advice and I try to help when I can, or will come to them on the bench and try to give friendly advice if I notice something that can help. The guys on my team are pretty good with it, and most ask for advice if I see anything.

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