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12-15-2011, 08:09 AM
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Originally Posted by sensjersey11 View Post
Ehh... I never really liked the way Matsuzaka pitched, for some reason. It seemed like once major league hitters got a book on him, he'd really struggle. Just nothing overpowering about him, and he doesn't have the precise control to compensate for it.

If anything, I'm worried about the Japanese posting system of bidding on their players: you pay a huge sum just for the right to NEGOTIATE with them, then you actually have to pay the player.
It's not my money, but it still automatically eliminates the lower half of teams in revenue from bidding on a potential star.

Oh, and I'm ALSO worried that he's spent his entire career playing for a team that calls itself the "Ham Fighters". There's some serious psychological damage right there that someone's going to have to deal with...
Haha but yeah, there's so many flaws. For example, there's absolutely nothing stopping the Red Sox from bidding $1 billion with ZERO intention of negotiating with Darvish, just to block the other teams. That loophole's gotta be fixed.

And there's just something about the Japanese...Darvish is a "surefire #1 ace", yeah okay, but recall, so was Dice-K. He also came with a gyroball and a consistent upper-90s fastball. Didn't see either. Be wary. Darvish may be an ace...he may a AAA pitcher.

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