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12-15-2011, 10:13 AM
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I used to follow the Wolves pretty closely when I was growing up because I played organized basketball up until I graduated high school. I eventually got extremely bored with basketball for a couple different reasons.

First, the more I got into hockey, the more pointless basketball became to me. In basketball, an entire team's success can hinge on one superstar (see Michael Jordan in Chicago or Lebron James in Cleveland). In hockey, a team like Pittsburgh can still push hard into the playoffs without a Sidney Crosby on the roster.

Secondly, the NBA couldn't hold my interest in a bucket. It's the same 5-6 teams winning in rotation every year with the league superstars forming their own super-teams with their buddies. The league needs to seriously address that soon or else the smaller market teams are just going to bleed money until they're retracted (not sure if the NBA has revenue sharing to aid the smaller market teams). I was personally rooting for a lockout this year to either kill the NBA or save it (hopefully it ends up being the latter).

So yeah, there's my rant on the NBA.

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