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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
To say this is about political correctness is to dismiss the seriousness of Hickey's error. This isn't about political correctness. This is about calling out a real person on horrific events. That goes well beyond being politically incorrect. Words hurt and he's going after one of Jame's victims. And that's detestable.

I'm pretty sure that Fleury was affected by this piece. Doesn't he count as a victim?

Right, he didn't question him for coming out sooner. He said he had the right to stay silent.

The he turned around and questioned him for not coming out sooner...

It was pretty skillful in how he did it actually. I'll say this for him, he's a decent writer. Too bad what he decided to write about was so off base.

I'm pretty sure Theo Fleury was hurt by this. And if you've read the experiences of some of the people in this thread who've suffered the abuse, it was disturbing for them as well.

I just don't see what Hickey was hoping to accomplish here. Bullying victims into speaking out is not the way to go.
Fleury is a survivor now, at some point you have to move on and get on with your life. I'm not saying I don't feel for Fleury and everything he has gone through, I do. At some point you have to move on though, he can still raise awareness and everything he is doing without being the central focus on all these discussions.

I don't think Hickey was bullying victims into speaking up either. Only the victims know when they are ready to deal with it, but being a victim doesn't give you a blank cheque to do what you like. Many of these predators were at one time victims themselves, it doesn't excuse their behavior.

I'm not even suggesting Fleury did anything wrong at all here. Just trying to see it from Hickey's angle. I have np with Fleury and what he is doing, I think more awareness is essential to limiting the amount of abusers who go unpunished, however, I don't believe that makes him immune to criticism.

I personally think the article was uncalled for and only served Hickeys agenda of a personal dislike for Fleury.

Just playing devils advocate here a bit. Trying to understand both sides.

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