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12-15-2011, 10:39 AM
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Wait, so the NBA has a hard floor but not a hard cap? No wonder so many teams are bleeding money and useless jerks get paid so much money. All the good players get snatched up by the elite teams so the rest of the league is left overpaying for scraps to get to the floor. What a joke.

And from what I have read of their new CBA, they didn't address ****. That trade that got vetoed pretty much cemented the NBA's status as a complete joke of a league in more ways than one. Still no hard cap, no real revenue sharing if I recall, and nothing stopping the players from tampering amongst themselves by doing what the jerks in Miami did.

I used to love watching basketball. I could never play it worth a damn (except freethrows, I used to be lights out shooting those, much to the dismay of my HS team when it was in trouble with the coach), but I enjoyed the game back in HS since I went to a school that didn't have a Hockey team. I also used to enjoy watching the NBA, especially the finals each year. My grandma and grandpa were big fans of the Suns and Spurs, so I ended up watching them a lot, and I hated the Bulls for pretty much owning the league when they won their 6 with Jordan.

Then when I got done with HS and we got the Wild and I started watching more hockey again, I started to notice a few things. First of all, basketball is SLOW. It is a plodding, stoppage prone game what with the ticky tack foul calling, countless out of bounds stoppages, and timeouts out the wazoo. There are very few stretches of continuous action that last more than a few minutes because if one team has all the momentum, you just call time out. And dont get me started on the final minutes of the 4th. I think in all the games I watched before I graduated HS, I think I saw that foul technique work maybe all of once, and I think that was because Brekenridge was total **** from the line that year for some damned reason. I think it was them, I dont remember.

The point is hockey is all action, all the time. Its built in stoppages in the form of TV timeouts at the NHL level are far superior to the random stoppages that are a plethora of timeouts at all levels of basketball. The final minutes of a close hockey game are also very entertaining as one team pulls out all the stops, as well as their goaltender, in a desperate attempt to tie it up. The best part is that technique actually works often enough that there is reason to hope for a comeback, unlike in basketball where any modest lead is more than likely to hold up against the foul-and-bucket method.

And then theres the players of the NBA. I remember that the players of the NBA when I watched it in high school were all pretty respectable as far as I could tell. They showed up, played the game, and went home. Now I just feel like the NBA players think every moment is a party or something. I don't really feel like I want to be associated with that kind of stuff. I just don't feel I can respect the culture that now surrounds the NBA.

Oh, and I dont like the changes that the NBA has gone through as far as rule changes. Playing defense now is apparently a foul or something. Its rediculous. Seems geared toward letting the superstars steal the show. How big is an NBA bench? 12 guys including the starting 5? How many of them actually get used for more than 30 seconds in a game? Speed up the game so that you have to constantly swap players during stoppages so the game revolves less around superstars and more around a team oriented style of play.

I could go on and on, but this rant is long enough at this point, and I am close to passing out.

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