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12-15-2011, 10:43 AM
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Originally Posted by poetryinmotion View Post
Oh, I'm sorry if my post offended you but I am merely stating facts.

Then if we can't judge him after 30 games, why is he tied in this poll over a player with more baggage in the NHL than him, and one who hasn't had a bad season to boot. What are you basing the poll results on, then, last year? Oh wait, he had half a season in the NHL with 6 pts. You can't have it both ways. And yes, Subban is playing some terrific defensive hockey, so spare me your juvenile emotes.
You're post did not offend me, I just stated my diagreement with it.

Your first point is an atrocious argument. It's probably not what you meant, but it says that Subban is better than McDonagh because he played more games
"He hasn't had a bad season" Neither has McDonagh. In fact, few players have had 'bad' seasons 30 games into their sophomopre year. Amazing isn't it /sarcasm

You obviously didn't watch McDonagh this last year, or this year while we're at it. he lacked the confidence to participate in the offense, so you can't determine everything from then. Also, his amazing defensive play was at the same level last year.

And you're last point is just agreeing with me. I never said that Subban isn't playing good defense, I said he isn't as good as McDonagh. You're not responding to that, because you feel you can't argue against it. So, you are trying to evade it.

And refering to you'Re first statement. It's really sad how few people know the differnce between facts, and opinions.

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