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Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
Fleury is a survivor now, at some point you have to move on and get on with your life. I'm not saying I don't feel for Fleury and everything he has gone through, I do. At some point you have to move on though, he can still raise awareness and everything he is doing without being the central focus on all these discussions.
I think Fleury has tried to move on. All the guy did was speak out that these kinds of criminals shouldn't be getting the leniency that they do from our justice system. I don't think anyone disagrees with this do you?

That should've been that.

Mr. Hickey is the guy who's decided to make a story out of it.

Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
I don't think Hickey was bullying victims into speaking up either. Only the victims know when they are ready to deal with it, but being a victim doesn't give you a blank cheque to do what you like. Many of these predators were at one time victims themselves, it doesn't excuse their behavior.

But Fleury's not a predator. The only thing he's guilty of is staying silent. But ALL of James' victims stayed silent, so why is Hickey only going after Fleury?

Hammering Fleury as a hypocrite is bullying. I mean, what else would you call it? The guy is going after him for not coming forward sooner. And he does this right after saying it was okay for him to stay silent.

And what was Hickey's point in bringing up 'best selling' 'tell-all' book? I mean, what does that have to do with anything here other than to insinuate that Fleury is just out to make a buck off of the abuse suffered by himself and others?

That's about as low as you can go.
Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
I'm not even suggesting Fleury did anything wrong at all here. Just trying to see it from Hickey's angle. I have np with Fleury and what he is doing, I think more awareness is essential to limiting the amount of abusers who go unpunished, however, I don't believe that makes him immune to criticism.
Nobody is immune to criticism. And yes, if he went on to become an abuser himself then he'd have to answer for it.

But none of that has happened here so I'm not sure why Hickey felt like he had to go after him for anything. We all know Fleury could've spoken out earlier but so could any one (or all) of James' other victims. Hickey singles out Fleury alone though and I don't think he thought about this before he wrote his article.
Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
I personally think the article was uncalled for and only served Hickeys agenda of a personal dislike for Fleury.

Just playing devils advocate here a bit. Trying to understand both sides.
That's cool man. I think reasonable people can disagree on things too.

I feel pretty strongly about this one though and some of the posts that I have read from actual victims in this thread has only reinforced my resolve. It's one thing to argue for or against a rebuild of your hockey club... it's a whole other ball of wax when you actually discuss something that is of actual importance.

As for Hickey... I don't know why he wrote what he did. I suspect you might be right. Maybe he's got something against Fleury. I can't think of any other reason for him going after somebody who's been sexually abused. I'm not sure what he was trying to accomplish here.

I get the feeling like Hickey's probably not a bad guy. He's just a guy who decided to write something controversial because he felt there was a story there. I don't think he fully thought it through before he wrote it. Now he's on the defensive and feels his reputation is at stake.

My hope is that he goes back and re-reads his article. My hope is that he realizes that he's been insensitive and probably shouldn't have written this.

Btw, we really need to draft top five soon or we're never going to win a cup.
Originally Posted by Dirty Danglez View Post
Who the **** do you think you are to put words in my mouth. I don't put the sole blame on Fleury... its obvious that Graham James is the real monster. And I would give Kennedy ****, and all the other victims **** if they ENABLED James to be in a position where he could do more damage to kids and victims the way Fleury did.
They did the same thing Fleury did. They kept silent.

So why are you only upset with Fleury here.

As for James, I'm pretty sure it was obvious that I was excluding him from my sole person to blame comment man. Not sure how you could misinterpret that. What I said was that you are solely blaming Fleury for not speaking out vs. the other victims.

Originally Posted by Dirty Danglez View Post
You REFUSE to understand that part... put words in my mouth about how I blame all victims for not coming out sooner... I'VE NEVER ONCE MENTIONED THAT. In fact i've said the opposite... that they should only come out when the feel ready.

I give Fleury **** cause he enabled.... pure and simple. You cannot deny that he did. Search the definition on google ffs. Not every victim of James did this, nor should anyone ever put this pedofile or any other in a position to abuse more kids.
Explain to me how Fleury enabled and the others didn't...

Any one of them could've spoken out about it. They didn't. Neither did Fleury. So if you're going to say Fleury 'enabled' James, you have to say the same for the rest.
Originally Posted by Dirty Danglez View Post
If you read his book, I'm sure even he realized it was a horrible thing to do. You guys are defending him when he already knows he was in the wrong.
Of course he feels guilty. ALL the victims feel guilty! That's part of what happens to you when you are abused at a young age. YOU feel like YOU did something wrong. Abusers use this to their advantage.

Of course Fleury wishes he'd come out sooner and I'm sure all the victims wish they had the strength to come out sooner too. I'm sure they ALL feel bad about this and Fleury has said as much for his part.

That doesn't mean that some journalist should come along and kick sand in the face of a guy who suffered through the abuse and wasn't strong enough to talk about it. It's mean spirited and unwarranted. Again, I don't think Hickey thought this through when he wrote the article because if he had, he'd have written it a different way.

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