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12-15-2011, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by DylanSensFan View Post
This is for Xspirit... I made a mistake on Anderson's cap hit. That mean's F-all in the grand scheme of his playing ability. Whether or not he is making 3 or $4 mill, he isn't living up to the expectations he set for himself last season. When you are a goalie who can steal games and he did it regularly a season ago, yet he can't make a save for the life of the team the next season... questions need to be asked. Peverly's shot was stoppable, Thomas, Rask and about 80% of the other starting goalies in the NHL would have stopped it. Anderson is letting in some awful goals, whether or not our defensive coverage has been putrid.

When I debate, I debate about the team and the players. I don't make it personal. If you feel the need to make it personal, then take that up with the moderators.
To Leclaire, I agree 100% and yes I picked those goalies for a reason.

To this post, you know how there's the adage where teams gain and lose confidence from their goalie? Well I see the opposite, Anderson has no confidence in his defense, and why should he?

I just don't understand that people don't realise, We have the worst defense in the league at actually playing defense and making mistakes that have no place on an NHL roster and I shutter to think if we somehow made the playoffs and nothing changes in that regard from now to the end of the season, and the forechecking intensity on us is brought up 200%, how we would react, it would probably be a slaughter.

I'll just bring it up again and it is not directed at you but reading GDT's, Andersons leash seems to be about 1 GA per 30 shots, anything more and he's a sieve on this board, and a lot of those shots are quality scoring chances.

edit: And I will add, yes Anderson could be better than he is playing right now, but for me personally, do I expect he will be? No. If he does, it will be a nice surprise.

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