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12-15-2011, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by PeterSidorkiewicz View Post
Well, I'll put down my reasoning as to why he gets no heat from me. I see him make 2-3 "bail out" type saves per game, then I see him give up goals on the most ridiculous scoring opportunities, we have the worst defence in the league when it comes to playing in our own zone, so why bother even yelling at Anderson?

If Anderson had these numbers playing on a St. Louis Blues team or something like that, then yup he should take tons of heat, its just hard to evaluate a goalie when he's playing behind a joke of a defense corp. right now when it comes to them, you know, playing actual defense. Kelly left ALL ALONE in the front of the net was one of the most ridiculous things Ive seen this year, and the funny thing is, this isn't the first time we leave guys all alone in front of the net, it happens probably more than any other team in the league.

Also, I guess I have lower expectations than most people. Going into this season, I wasn't going to be surprised if we got lit up all year, so why should I act surprised and mad right now? It's what I expected, and actually our offense has been unexpected and a surprise, helping us do a lot better than I thought we would do.

And yes, we have to score 4 goals per game to win games, because we can't play D. Stick Crawford, Theodore, Niemi, hell even someone like Bryzgalov in front of this Sens D and were still going to have to score 4 goals per game to win hockey teams. Were an uptempo let it all hang out style team right now, probably because its the ONLY style where we have a shot at being successful to cover up our inefficiencies on team defense.
You couldnt be more right, now a big save could have helped this team last night but he usually makes a couple. The team defense going on here is so out of control bad right now you cannot blame the goaltender.

It seems like it is getting worse..... Now its not the system its quite obvious its individuals making terrible decisions. However I believe it has shot through the lineup because arguably the two best players on the team make those aweful decisions with zero punishment on a regular basis. I think there maybe a trickle down effect, its a tough spot for the management and coaching staff to be in because both Karlsson and Spezza are better players when they are making mistakes.

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