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12-15-2011, 12:04 PM
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Friendly Advice for Drew Doughty

It's like he's skating with a backpack full of cement.

Out of all the Kings, Doughty is the guy who most needs to get the joy of playing hockey back.

He's finally got his big contract. Now he needs to get back his big swagger.

The supremely confident shrug of the shoulders that says, "I just made a play that you can't make." That's what he needs to find.

Think about what Patrick Roy used to do, when after a nice glove save, he would fling the puck back on the ice after the whistle as if to say, "Get that **** out of here."

How can Doughty lead? Doughty needs to be the one to get back to the happy chatter on the ice. He needs to get back to being the most intense celebrator on the ice after a goal whether he's the one who scores it or not. He needs to flash that occasional smile.

For anyone who says, "Winning will bring all that stuff back," I disagree. The Kings can't wait that long. Drew can help bring back the winning if he adjusts his attitude.

Maybe look at some old videos of Marcel Dionne. Now that was a happy warrior. Even when his team was at the bottom of the standings, Dionne loved playing the game and loved making plays, it was obvious. He was also the happiest guy whenever the puck went in the net.

Doughty needs to stop being the kind of petulant player who shoves an opponent dangerously into the boards with his team down a goal and 7 minutes to go in the game.

If he decides to get happier, and start to swagger a bit more on the ice, the rest of the Kings will follow suit and get a bit more spring back in their step.

Drew, we want to see again that happy-intense attitude, that once upon a time, made Kings fans love you back in the beginning.

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