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Originally Posted by Commandant View Post
But you think guys like Fleury who are actual victims, shouldn't open their mouths 15 years later, because they were too ashamed, afraid, emotionally traumatized to do so then?

According to you, he's now given up his right to speak out because he wasn't ready to speak out at the same time Sheldon Kennedy did.
I have tried to tap dance around this entire issue for the sake of political correctness.

But enough of that.

Fleury was a victim of sexual abuse. He has my sympathy for that. Once Fleury put THE coach who abused him on his payroll to be around kids, I lost all respect for Fleury.

Show me in Canadian law, American law, the Bible, the Koran, anywhere..... where it is written that a VICTIM can become someone who victimizes people (or in this case, hire the coach who sexually assaulted him to keep coaching kids on his team) without having to account for that.

You show me where that is written and I will proclaim loud and clear that I am wrong.

God bless Fleury for having to endure what he did. He is not an innocent victim deserving our sympathies for paying the same coach who sexually assaulted him to continue sexually assaulting kids who came to play hockey on Theo Fleury's team. Fleury KNEW what was going to happen to those kids. Yet Fleury did nothing about it.

So to hell with Fleury. And if you think that is wrong for me to think that, so be it. I could care less. I am more concerned with the sexual abuse that those poor kids got from Fleury's hired coach. THEY are the ones deserving our sympathies. Not Fleury.

Hickey is 100% right.

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