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12-06-2005, 07:00 PM
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GM visits the Garden

I'm in NY on business, so I went to the Rangers game last night against Minnesota. Thought I'd share a few thoughts:

1. Martin Straka looks like the player we thought we were getting a couple of years ago. Great speed, very skilled, gritty for a little guy. Sure, he's playing with Jagr, but he made some very nice moves and made me wonder what happened when he was in LA. (I can already feel the AM-bashers moving in!)

2. They have a really nice diamond-in-the-rough rookie named Prucha. Liked what I saw from him.

3. Based solely on what I heard from adjacent fans, the average hockey IQ of Ranger Fan is generally higher than that of King Fan. Not surprising given that there is natural ice in NY, and not in LA.

4. We are lucky to have Staples Center. The Garden is a nice place, I guess, but it definitely is an older building and you can really tell the difference when you're used to a new one. The seats are less comfortable, the lights/sounds/scoreboard are more antiquated, and the overall presentation of the game is not as well orchestrated. They basically have an organ and a goofy song they play after every goal. (I imagine the title is "Goal," lol). We should count our blessings.

5. We are so used to our team that we forget how entertaining it is. These teams did not skate hard like the Kings always do. They were not hitting like the Kings almost always do. The energy just wasn't there. I think teams always have to come up to our energy level when they play us, so we think hockey is always this way. I'm not sure that is the case. I've gone to other road games we didn't play in, and I think we have a special team in that limited sense. Whatever's AM's flaws, getting the team to play really hard, physical hockey most of the time is not one of them. That's his greatest strength. (It also might be part of the reason we've had injury problems.)

6. The Rangers are a bunch of ***** Euros with visors. They'll fade soon.

[edited to add 7.] Roloson was awesome. Without him, it would have been like 6-1 instead of 3-1 (which included an empty netter).

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