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12-15-2011, 12:32 PM
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Originally Posted by poetryinmotion View Post
I didn't feel the need to back up my statement for such a troll post, no. And even then, that was only my opinion, which is what's making you so angry because, as for the rest of my post, facts are facts right? There's no denying that Subban is playing better defensively than McDonagh right now if you look at the trend over the past 5-10 games. But not just that. McDonagh isn't even your #1 defenseman, while Subban is by far and away the best overall for Canadiens this season and logging top minutes to prove it. You can just look at the Boucher scouting thread in our forum if you think I'm pulling this out of my ass. Oops, I guess I just argued against it, my bad.
This probably won't get through to you, but let's try again...

McDonagh was lights out against Dallas, and fine, just unlucky the past two games. You wanna know why Subban is your #1? You have a **** defense. Price is the reason you're winning games. Even Habs fans are saying so. The Rangers have a current Norris contender as their number 1.

And it wasn't a troll post. That's just you trying to make things up to back up your horrible arguments

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