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Another case of me taking a player I am not even that fond of. Saskatoon selects Sergei Samsonov, LW.

At this point, how do you say no to Samsonov? Even if he got there ugly (inconsistent, just about played his way out of the league once, mostly one-dimensional) it’s hard to argue that he doesn’t have the best offensive resume of all available players.

- He has the most career points among them, by a margin of 71 points
- He has the most ESP among them, by a margin of 43 points entering this season
- He has the 3rd -most PPP among them
- He isn’t just leading these categories because he played 888 games. His career adjusted ES points per season average of 48 is the highest among available players as well
- Strangely, his downside as a producer is that his 18 adjusted PP points per season is exceeded by a good number of available players despite a similar degree of usage. You would think that a player like him would have an easier time on the PP, but paradoxically he excelled much more at even strength.
- Best 5 % scores: 78, 78, 52, 48, 48

Now, to balance this out, I select a player that I actually am fond of. With Samsonov gone, this player is:

- The 6th -highest scorer of all-time available with 441 points heading into this season.
- The 2nd -highest ES scorer of all-time available with 333 ES points heading into the season
- Has the 6 th -highest adjusted ESP per season average among available players, with 46
- He is the only player who has maintained an average of 40+ ESP/season over more than 750 games (i.e. all the others with similar per-game averages have not been able to maintain it like he has)
- He is known as a very solid two-way player and has an excellent PK resume, killing 29% of penalties in his career at a rate 10% better than the league average.
- He can play both LW and C

Based on all this, you probably still don’t know who I am talking about, because he has so quietly gone about his solid business for nearly 800 games since 1999. I am talking about Jochen Hecht. Hecht’s excellent ES scoring resume will make my 3rd line particularly dangerous, without taking a hit on the defensive side. Hecht will have a major role on our PK as well.

Hecht has been an excellent NHL player for over a decade now, on both sides of the puck. With 444 points in 772 games, he was a solid producer throughout the dead puck era as well as a great defensive forward, though not to the level that would earn significant Selke recognition. Both his adjusted ESPPG (5th, 0.56) and his total adjusted PPG (0.75, 13th) are among the best among available players, so he's not just some run-of-the-mill two-way forward. He's been very well respected in the NHL for ages.

His career adjusted +/- is an excellent +94. His usefulness is demonstrated by his career average of 17.52 minutes per game.

Hecht has 32 points in 59 NHL playoff games, 6 points in 20 best-on-best international games as a German underdog, and 15 points in 38 World Championship games.

Originally Posted by Hockey Scouting Report 2004
a rangy forward who can handle all three forward positions... He is a good skater with a good passing touch, more of a playmaker than a scorer. He plays with a straight-up stance that allows him to see everything. He stickhandles in close, and has a great move walking out from the corner or behind the net... A very smart player with deceptive speed... he is a tough read for opposing defensemen because he doesn't do the same thing every time... Hecht plays with drive. He doesn't quit. He's never going to be the big star on a team but he's going to be a big part of a team. Hecht is a guy who will show up to play every night. he can kill penalties and adds depth... physical play doesn't bother Hecht, but he doesn't initiate it... He has to get stronger and learn to play in the dirty areas of the ice... He doesn't mind sticking his nose in...a well-conditioned athlete... an underrated forward.
Originally Posted by McKeen's Hockey Pool Guide 2010-11
provided a solid two-way presence in the top-six... smart, well-rounded forward who can excel in different roles... solid complementary player, does all the little things well... a stable skater with deceptive acceleration and top speed... protects the puck well and is a good passer... misses that mean physical edge needed to exploit his excellent strength and ability to create space along the boards.
Originally Posted by Hockey Prospectus 2010-11
A consistent second line scorer... Buffalo felt Hecht's injury in the playoffs as their PK tanked... has only one season where he recorded a minus, despite often playing for middling teams.

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