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12-15-2011, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by night-timer View Post
I have been recently playing in several social leagues and at pick-up hockey where quite a few players, sometimes the majority, are more skilled than me. I can feel self-conscious playing in or against these teams, as though I am letting the team down or causing frustration for them.

Then again, last night my social league team lost 4-Nil. Okay, I didn't score a goal, but neither did the better players on the team.

It's just that a week ago, a guy on my team in a pick-up session almost wanted to "start something" with me in the carpark after the game because I had screwed up a few plays.

I am grateful for the advice I get from better players and I know I'm not the team's greatest asset, but how should I approach playing on these teams? Endlessly apologizing gets me nowhere. Everyone tells me you've gotta play against stronger players to challenge yourself and improve.
Sounds like you've got a God awful teammate. There is no mistake in a beer-league game that warrants that type of behaviour.

As a newer or inexperienced player, yeah, you're going to be a sponge for a while. More experienced guys may have advice, but really in a beer league, you're supposed to be there to have fun--as are they. If their happiness is so linked to your ability to make big plays, then they have an issue, not you.

Playing against and with experienced players is a good way to build experience, but sometimes taking some adult hockey classes can be good, too. Start with some basics and work from there. Ultimately, if you're on a team with crummy teammates, find a new team.

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