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Originally Posted by Wild48 View Post
To be honest I don't follow the Wolves all that closely... i was giving him credit for getting rid of guys like Jaric, but you're right they were gone before he took over.

As far as darko goes, didn't a lot of his contract have to do with the Wolves needing to get to the salary floor? Also, I think you and I have different definitions of a bad contract. When I see a bad contract I see guys that are so drastically overpaid that it stops you from being able to do anything... Wolves are in a pretty good cap situation.
Darko got the contract because he's huge and showed a bit of a pulse, along some surprising skills that fit with the offensive philosophy of the coach at the time (in theory) during his brief 2009-10 audition. Last year showed that while you'll see flashes of why he was picked ahead of Melo, Bosh and Wade, on the whole he just doesn't have the awareness or mental toughness on the court to take advantage of his gifts.

Kahn still handed out another $10M per season (to Pekovic, Ridnour and Tolliver) and then took on another $10M in order to acquire Randolph during the season. NBA teams don't have to start the season at the floor, they just have to get there by the end of the season.

Kahn hasn't made the one big bad contract mistake (although he's tried, thank god David Lee went to the Warriors), but the medium sized gaffes add up. He's handed out a 4 year, $16-19M deal to a PG every offseason he's been there, despite drafting Rubio and Flynn back to back at #5 and #6 during his first draft. He's now got $8+ million per year tied up in backup point guards for the next 3 years, and around $9 million per tied up in centers who may not even be backup quality for the next 3 years (could be 2 if they act on the early out in Darko's contract). If you take those away they could have actually had enough cap room to sign someone of consequence this offseason. Instead they have/had just enough room to overpay a role player.

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