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Originally Posted by Wild48 View Post
I guess i don't have much of a problem with Barea/Ridnour. I feel like Ridnour is likely trade bait, and he has a reputation as a good mentor and a dependable but unspectacular backup point guard. The Wolves should have no trouble flipping him for a draft pick.

Barea I like because he plays such a contrasting style to Rubio. Barea is an offensive player who can create his own shot... Rubio is a pass-oriented defensive minded PG. Also, FWIW Barea speaks spanish, so he should help Rubio transition a little easier.
I don't have a problem with Barea and Ridnour as players, I'm just not a fan of committing that kind of money for that long to bench players year after year.

If they were going to play the spanish speaker card I would have preferred they used the room to acquire Rubio's buddy Rudy Fernandez, somebody who's played with Rubio at DKV Joventut, rooms with him when they're playing for Spain's national team and plays a position of need.

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I'm kind of interested to see how Rubio and the gang looks.

I know nothing about basketball or the NBA...but is it normal to make 1st round picks and flip them for crap or to dump 1st round picks after only a year? Are they pretty much as good as they're going to get by the end of their rookie year? It just seems like they get so little value for the picks.

Also, it's hilarious to watch the NBA draft coverage because it seems that half the picks get traded within the day so the anchors are all kinds of confused.
It isn't normal to the degree Kahn's done it, but as I said before, Kahn's draft record is largely dismal. Most aren't as good as they're going to get, but picks outside the lottery don't hold a ton of value normally (teams can usually buy one for $2-3M if they're so inclined because a team doesn't want to add a guaranteed salary). Kahn also did this weird thing in 2010 where he tried to draft veteran leadership, so both of his 1st round picks were 23-24 years old when they started the season and are/were less likely to really kick things up a few notches.

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