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Originally Posted by Habs23 View Post
Much better article by Mr. Hickey. Are the Habs behind the times?
That's the opposite. Enforcing information discipline is hard and difficult, especially in today's context where technologies allow any bit of rumor to spread widely. It's something that organizations of the old were not able to do, for lack of expertise and awareness of its importance.

Hickey article only makes sense from his point of view. He gives example of information the habs should have been open with, saying that the media could have put "a positive spin on it", while historically, the media have never been shy of putting the spin that benefited them the most, for every story.

About the idea of the media boycotting the habs to prove a point... lol... fans are going to watch the games no matter what. On the other hand, how many people read the Journal de Montréal for its sport section? They would sell half their numbers of copies overnight if they would do anything like this.

And as for management treating fans like children... the fans ARE children. It's amazing how so many of them completely lose their mind about the habs, and make grandiose claims about how the team should be managed, claims they would never think about making for any other business. Just see of how some posters here think that "management is purposely trying to me mediocre", or why there would be no problem in tanking and how there's no reason why the team could lose value this way.

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