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Originally Posted by JohnnyOnTheSpot View Post
Just throwing this out there, but doesn't this really seem like a jump of the gun? I mean with the way concussions work, the main thing is that no one understand them completely. So they say a year, but that's based off of today. What's to say he can't completely recover ahead of schedule?

I just think that since this condition is so uncertain, there's no way they can project all the way to June if they can't predict a week ahead of time sometimes.
Lappy took a whole off-season off following returning to the playoffs last season, and in the first pre-season game it came back to him. He also claimed that he tried to convince himself as well, and hasn't really tried to come back since. And keep in mind that stemmed from an eye injury as well. They're just taking the potential Lindros-2000 scenario off the table.

I see it as the Flyers were unlikely to win the Cup this year anyways (felt that before the season). I do think they're set up reasonably to make moves for a good run next year, even if Pronger ends up taking an entire year off (meaning a return no earlier than December 15, 2012). I just don't want them going crazy at the deadline because they feel they need to uphold their image of 'we do what we have to do every year.'

The league is too good and too equal to lose a Pronger, possibly Giroux for an extended period, and have reasonable expectations of winning a Stanley Cup. The reality of the situation is that they made a lot of changes, and then got dealt a bad hand (which frankly we were due for).

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