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12-16-2011, 02:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Pwnz0rs View Post
...And a pug that died in Septemberish.. Such an ugly dog and im surprised he lasted so long.. We got him from a rescue and the workers said he was beaten, malnourished, and throw down flights of stairs... It took up almost 5 years to get him to go up or down stairs and we thought it was mentally retarded.. Had seizures regularly too and the vet couldn't figure out what caused them.. Then we came down one morning and it was just dead
Yeah seizures in dogs are no joke, and are sometimes tough to diagnose. Even on medication there's no guarantee they'll stop or dangers be lessened. After my grandmother passed earlier this year her dog was given to a neighbor who took care of him. He was medicated for other disorders, but never had a history of a seizure and about a month after my grandmother went, so did he. Sorry to hear about your other dog.

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