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12-07-2005, 02:57 AM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan25
Yeah...Belanger was obviously the inspiration for my name too...he's always been one of my favourite players. Someitmes I wish I'd picked a different name...but I never really expected to post on this board all that much in the beginning...I just signed up to help defend the Kings from Mizral in a toughness thread and things kinda grew from there.

Anyways...I digress...I don't like it when people talk bout Belly showing signs of offensive genius or things of that sort...the truth is, the guy was always offensively gifted...its not like he's been a grinder his whole career...he tore it up on the scoresheet in juniors(at least for awhile). He only adapted his play into more of a two-way game after a serious back injury took him off the Kings' radar.

Same thing with Lappy...he always had a very underrated offensive game. In his rookie year, he scored 16 goals...for whatever reason, he just adapted his game into one more inclined toward defense. But you could always see that little bit of flare in the few goals that he did pot.

Anyways...yeah, he's great...glad you EBEL haters are finally realizing what we select few knew all along
now that we're all talking about our feelings, i'e always liked belanger as well. he was a rookie when i started watching consistantly again.

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