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Originally Posted by Dorado View Post
Backes owned Brad / McD and generally flattened the NYR all night . Every season will have it's ups and downs but the makeup o the NYR lacks a player like Backes . He took over this game pummeling guys in front of the net all night . The NYR are designed to play as Torts the ego clown " below the hash Marks " yeah , Thats all well and good if you can get the puck " between the circles" and too the net . This isn't a small rough patch , aside from a handful of games in our winning streaks ( 2 ) against injured / not prepared to play teams the NYR have not shown the ability to shoot accurately on net or get the puck to the net .
what rangers havent shot accurately? I mean other than dubinsky and boyle who hasnt been hitting the net? Those two have been awful this year compared to last. Dont make this out to be more than a small rough patch, essentially diagnosing the team as if what we saw tonight is what they truly are as a team. They've had extended winning streaks because they are a good team and they beat good teams along the way. They got pushed around because they didn't have the right guys in the lineup imo. I dont care what anyone says, the team played small tonight and had no one to size up with Backes. They had no Rupp. They had no avery to give some energy with good forecheck and taking the body in doing so. They had guys like Christensen who show barely any effort and could barely outmuscle a college kid at this point. All the Blues players were running around the ice hitting everything. You wanna know why? Because they knew they could get away with it. There was nobody in that lineup tonight willing to answer the bell. Guys like Dubinsky and Boyle should've been dropping their gloves since they've been useless in the other areas of their game.

To add to that Callahan and Richards had poor games. I really think Hagelin was the only one who showed up to play tonight and who skated hard, giving 100% on every shift. Maybe a couple other guys but thats about it. Guys like Prust, Feds, Anisimov, and even Stepan were invisible for the most part. I dont know what the excuse is but they've should've been ready to play this game after losing at home 1-0 to dallas, a game they should've game away with at least a point in. But they weren't. End of story. Time to move onto saturday's game, hopefully Torts sits that jackass Christensen and hopefully Rupp is ready to come back.

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