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11-04-2003, 06:49 AM
Joe Cole
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Originally Posted by Bob *******s

I am better stop writting cause I sense the rant comming up...
The only other player on the Habs that could be used to bring an elite player in a one for one trade is Theo. I am not saying that I want to trade him. No flames, please. He has a value in the league.

You gotta give to get, not like a Traverse, Audette, Bouillion, and a 30th round pick for Joe Thorton scenario that I have read in a million trade rumour threads.

be realistic, if we value a player, then the league values him. If we think a player is a dud, then so does everyone else. They all have satelite TV.

Rant away Bob! No harm. It is all just our opinions. As long as we remain polite and clear when we quote other posters, it's all good.

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