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12-16-2011, 04:46 AM
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Of course, its flawed, but what would have been your expectations, in September, if you were aware, somehow, of the fact that until Christmas :

-You're going to be 1st in man-games lost (and still 3rd (i think) without Markov. )
-The team, on the ice, salary-wise, was a cap floor team. At best.
-You are about to ice three rookies and two sophomores at D for several games, with two rookies being totally inexperienced with the hockey in NA.
-You're going to need your eleventh D on the depth chart.

They're still in decent shape, you cant ask for much more. They were actually surprisingly good at the beginning of the season, but the lack of success plus the overuse of some players is starting to be really problematic.
But asking for more, whereas they deserved to be at least 6th, thats just sad. It seems that some people are just unable to deal with the idea that there is some growing pains in the process with so many young players.

For the record :

vs Colorado : 20 scoring chances (against 13).
vs Buffalo : 18-6.
vs Toronto : 18-13
vs Florida : 13-7
vs Boston : 15-7
vs Vancouver : 19-12

That kind of gap in the number of scoring chances should not put you at the wrong end so often in such a short period. (And each one of them at home, which is even more curious)

Price did save us once, at Boston. And its debatable.
We have in fact nothing to say about his performance, he has been solid, he should not be blamed for our lack of positive results, but saying that Price is the only reason about why we're in that position is so wrong...

(But of course, i remember now : Our shooters are terrible, and the ones from the opposition are just robbed by Price.)

Like NotProkofievian, i really start to wonder if there is something wrong with the conditioning or something, because it cant be normal to have so many problems at the same time.

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