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12-16-2011, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
He's looked good at times and not so good other times. He's a guy that needs another year AHL.
I didn't think he would be ready for NHL action this year, as his lack of strength was a concern, so hopefully that will keep him in Hamilton for the rest of the season to get his confidence back. Should be interesting to see what happens to him next year since he can't be sent down without waivers.

Originally Posted by NLHabsFan View Post
Nice List Montreal!

I've always been high on Qualier and thought he could turn out to be something special for the Habs. After his injury I wasn't sure how he'd come back. I see you got him quite high on your list. What can you make of him so far this year?
I saw him last year and thought he looked a little slower and wasn't sure if he would be able to bounce back from the knee injury but this year he looks like he's playing his best hockey. He's got the size, skating, speed and offensive skills, so he may force the Habs to bring him to Hamilton next year even though the team will be loaded with rookies from the looks of it, having a guy in the Pacioretty mold (taller but less physical) sure would be nice. If he can translate his offense to the AHL, then we have a solid prospect with good size, speed and hands.

Originally Posted by EXPOS123 View Post
I don't see all the fuss about Palushaj. I hope i'm wrong, but i just don't see him in Montreal's future plans. To me he's another Ben Maxwell in terms of just not being able to translate it to the NHL level. Let's face it, the Blues wouldn't simply trade him away for Matt D'agostini from all people if he was such a great talent.
Palushaj has talent for sure, he ripped it up in the USHL, and Michigan and was the top scorer in Hamilton last year (leading them in ppg this year). But in the NHL I don't think he was very effective at all, other then drawing a few penalties. Perhaps with another season in the AHL under his belt and another summer to try and fill out some/gain strength maybe he could be a decent player but I have my doubts since imo he wasn't really able to create much offensively, which is clearly the big part of his game, if he can't do that in the NHL I don't see him having a future with us. But we'll see as the talent is there and he does have some sandpaper to his game and decent speed.

Originally Posted by QuebecPride View Post
Great list as usual Dan.

To me , Bournival is Leblanc V.2.

I'm really high on both Morgan Ellis and Mac Bennett.

But the one that I think has the higher ceiling is Kristo. Such a great combination of speed, skills, scoring abilities and two-way awareness.
He has great hands in-tight too. Even better than Gallagher's.
Thanks. I was very impressed with Bournival, looking forward to seeing what he does at the pro level next year, should be fun to watch. I am very high on Bennett, my only concern is his lack of size and because of his high risk play (rushing the puck up ice) he's going to make some mistakes. He reminds me a bit of Subban when he's rushing the puck up ice, too bad he doesn't have Subban's frame/strength but he's showing good things at Michigan at both ends of the ice. Ellis is a guy I haven't paid a lot of attention to and have only seend him 3 times since we drafted him, but looks like I should have been paying more attention to him as he seems to be progressing nicely.

Kristo and Gallagher could be flipped, 3rd or 4th is a good spot for Kristo, I doubt anyone here has seen Kristo more then I have since I get most of his games on tv (including tomorrows exhibition game against the Russian Red Stars) Kristo needs to work on his consistency a little and there are some questions as to his hockey sense. But with his speed and offensive skills he's going to be a fun player to watch.

Originally Posted by The Kremelin Wall View Post
A little surprised to see MacMillan so high. Pre-season he wasn't even most people's top thirty.
I was surprised myself, he really has impressed me, although he's still way too skinny, he works hard, goes to the dirty areas of the ice and has slick passing skills. Perhaps he will stay in the NCAA for a couple years but if he fills out he should be a very solid prospect for us.

Originally Posted by Commandant View Post
I know he hasn't done much in the NHL, but he also spent most of his minutes with Engqvist and Darche, or Nokalenien and Darche. Not exactly offensive dynamos to play with.

I don't think he's really fully ready either. He needs a little more upper body strength.

However i see the kid at the AHL level and he dominates, I think once he gains that strength and the confidence, he'll be a good NHLer. A 2nd/3rd line tweener.
Would be interesting to see how he can do if he can get stronger, as he can setup plays and doesn't mind getting his nose dirty.

Originally Posted by uiCk View Post
Why is Kristo so high? interested to know, he's one of the high prospects i know the least about.
Kristo has great speed, he can really fly out there, loves to shoot the puck, has a quick release and can fool goalies as he will shoot from anywhere. He's easily among the most skilled prospects we have, his lack of size/strength could be a problem for him but with his speed I think he will be ok. Of all the prospects we have, I think I am most interested to see how Kristo does in the NHL as his upside could be very high if his offensive game translates well.

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