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12-16-2011, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by DrSutton View Post
But yet, they win with him in the lineup. Can you explain that? I mean, you're quick to point out where they've won without him, yet you dont bring out the numbers with him in the lineup.

Look at the all-time record with him in as opposed to out. NUMBERS DON'T LIE.

Can you honestly say that Eric Christensen brings more to the table than Avery? Christensen is a lump. Other people have said it in here, he sucks the life out of this team. Avery's 4 minutes would trump Christensens 30. Christensen was apparently put in because of shootout concerns and we haven't been in one since he's gotten the call. He's 1-3 on those regardless.
Avery played in 76 games last year and the team barely made the playoffs. Are you talking about 2007 again, or the streak this season against largely inferior opponents? Fact is, numbers do lie if you're too lazy to jump into the details.

Regarding the value of Avery vs. Christensen, I really dont know. Dont like either one of them; think they're both largely inconsiquential and worthless at this point in their careers. Whats worse, is how Avery becomes a center of conversation when the team is struggling like hes some sort of difference maker. In all my years of hockey, I've never seen that happen with a guy who is in and out of the lineup as a #12 forward.

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