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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Yea, but dont you see it? Avery MAKES the other 19 guys on the bench play BETTER. Thats an asset that any team in the NHL would want and need. 29 other teams passed on him when he went through re-entry waivers - need to be careful cause the team might not get as lucky next time.
wow. do you do open mic on the weekends? Last night we were pushed around. The Blues were bigger, meaner and largely they decided where we were able to go. We needed someone to step up and push back. Sean Avery will do that. Sometimes, and the coach is a big believer in this, one play can shift momentum which can be retained for a while resulting in a goal or two. You saw last night, that at the end of the second period we were suddenly getting good scoring opportunities. If we had hit the net and/or been more fortunate we could have tied that game or better. Then they get an early lucky goal in the third and we are digging out.

Avery can change momentum. Prust can as well but only with his fists; not with big hits or agitation. Dubi used to do that as did Cally. But were not seeing alot of that these days.

This team needs Sean in the lineup for nights like these last two where a spark is desparately needed. And on other nights he can bury it and he's one of the better forecheckers on the team. You constantly refer to him as the 12th forward to downplay this discussion. However, he is the 12th forward only because of the bias Torts carries around.

If I'm starting a team right now I take him before Boyle, Prust, Feds, EC, and Mitchell. And the jury is now out on Dubi; we'll see if he gets out of this funk. So, he shouldn't be the 12th forward and his impact is bigger than what most teams get from who they consider the last guy on the bench.

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