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12-16-2011, 10:21 AM
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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
Hard to get mad at this team after just 2 losses, but there are concerning events.

I think they just played stupid, un-inspired hockey the past 2 games. Maybe it was because it was against west coast competition, but that's still four major points in the standings. What are they going to do next season when they're playing teams outside of the conference?

MSG and the team seem to be very ready for Rupp to come back to the lineup, but I don't know if I'm the only one who remembers how awful Rupp was in his first 7 games this season. One shot on goal through 7 games (yes, it was a goal) is pretty terrible. Although with Rupp gone Prust has reverted to being just an enforcer and a decent PKer, with Rupp back in some of the onus will be taken off Prust.

It's time to send Mitchell back to Hartford, he was great as a spark when he came up but he's fizzled.

I'd go Rupp and Avery in, Mitchell to the AHL and EC to the bench until Wolski is back. Then re-evaluate. Go back to what worked, and try to balance the lines a little bit...

16-17-62 (Can Hags play RW? I'd be interested to see his speed with Avery's)

My $0.02
I like it. I'm going to go outside the box here since he will never sit BB. When WW comes back, slot him in on the left side of Richards and have Feds not dress. He has been non-existent and he doesn't play on either special teams units. I didn't want to bring Feds back last summer. And he is making me feel good about that sentiment. Hagelin is everything he used to be and more. The only thing we don't know if Hags will score big playoff goals; but night after night he's a better player than Feds.

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