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12-16-2011, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Rutabaga View Post
A smoke screen ?

Thats the bottom-5 for the payrolls right now.
Minus Nashville (and we all know how exciting and offensive their team is. After all, its a team that is absolutely not relying on his goaltender to win games), for each one of these teams, being 8th would be a solid performance.

New York Islanders $51,499,832
Dallas Stars $51,380,203
Colorado Avalanche $51,127,193
Carolina Hurricanes $50,929,725
Nashville Predators $48,565,734

Markov was a risk, so far, he's not really helpful, but i would have done the same move, and as far as i know, considering the situation, its still, right now, probably the best thing to do.

It was partially expected, right, but you have to consider this in your expectations, first.
We're spending 64.3M$, but we are only using 58.6M$ on the ice, in September. That puts you the lower half of the league.
We finished 6th last year, we did lose two important defensemen, the play was obviously going to suffer a little bit at the beginning of the year. Thats quite a problem around here, the expectations.

Gomez is overpaid, yes.
Gomez doesnt score, yes.
Gomez is useless ? Absolutely not...
Regardless though, trying to tie injuries to dollars as though the dollars our players are paid somehow equals their worth is nothing more than an attempt to exaggerate our injury problems.

First off, we are responsible for taking on that ridiculous contract with Gomez. And his going down really (even if he isn't completely useless) doesn't hurt us that much. And Markov was to be expected...

Other clubs are missing much better players and succeeding. The dollars cost per man games lost is a red herring.
Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
before anyone goes off to buy razor blades, we've been 12-7-6 in our last 25 games losing 3/4 of our games by 1 goal, despite having the most man games lost to injuries.

The 1-5-1 start is still showing on the point total, but my bet is that after the next 25 games, it'll be nothing but a bad memory.
Since our horrible start.... we've done much better. Starting Oct 26th we've won 11 of 21 games. We have 5 OT losses in there as well.

Also since that time Price (including last night's game where his numbers weren't great) has a save percentage of .929.

I really don't get why some folks are saying he hasn't been good lately. Fact is he's been awesome.

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