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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
In answer to the question, I still think we'll make the playoffs. I just get the feeling like we're going to get on a roll. Of course, I've been wrong before but TK (a move I didn't support and still don't) will make our PP better and I've got to think that we're a better club than we've shown.


Price's save percentage is going to float. Yesterday it wa .920 today it's .917. Your 18th best goalie though is again... a load of crap. He's faced more shots than almost anyone because the Canadiens play him to death. And they do so... because they HAVE to.

Go try to find a goalie who consistently puts up .920 or better year in and year out. Very hard to do. We are VERY lucky to have Price because without him we're in the hunt for a lottery pick this year.

And it's hilarious how you point to our '108' point pace and ignore the fact that our 'hot streak' just so happens to correspond with Price being fantastic since late October. Yeah... I guess that's just coinicidence.

As Price goes... so go the Habs. We don't have the offense to compensate for him slipping up so we'd better pray that he stays on top of his game because he's the heart of our team.


How are the shooters doing? How many times do we go in and not score and put it all on Price?

And how many of those games wouldn't have even made it to a shootout if we didn't have Price to begin with.

We might as well change the Molson Cup award to the Carey Price trophy because he's been consistently been our best player for a long time now.

Your 15 million plus is a red herring. Gomez we're better off without and Markov was expected (or should've been anyway) so this VERY TIRED argument of yours in trying to pin cap hits to injuries is just about the worst smokescreen you can come up with.

Other teams are missing BETTER players and doing much better than we are. So please give it up.

Take Price out and this club would be toast.

What a load of crap. Just off the top of my head we walked away from that game with NJ thanks to Price's heroics. You really have no idea of what you are talking about.
Great post.

If you want to see what a team will do without a goalie saving the team, look at Tampa Bay. They are loaded with talent, have a great coach and two goalies that are horrible.

If Tampa Bay were to have Carey Price, that would be a Stanley Cup winning team.

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