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Saskatoon selects Jason Blake, F.

Blake has a lot going for him: He was 10th in the NHL in goals in 2007 (it was Yashin-fueled, but Yashin's not a great playmaker himself), he has blazing speed, he is fearless, he can kill penalties, and he's a very pesky agitating presence.

He's scored 20 goals four times in addition to his 40-goal season, and his five 50+ point seasons are the most among available guys. Although I don't particularly like the Masterton trophy being a "disease award", Blake won it in 2008 for coming back from preseason Cancer and not even missing a game.

Blake's career average of 44 adjusted ESP per season is 9th-highest among among available players - despite this average being wrecked by three offensively inept seasons played on checking lines. No one available has maintained an average close to this, for nearly as many games. He's killed 19% of his team's penalties in his career. Among the handful of available players who have put up multiple 50-point seasons, he has been by far the most prolific penalty killer.

Blake's raw career totals of 206 goals and 474 points are 3rd and 4th among all available players.

Best 5 percentage scores: 61, 57, 54, 53, 49.

Blake makes a good spare forward because he can be a complementary player on a scoring line at this level, keeping up with his speed, breaching the zone and finishing. He can also just be a 4th line pest, or a 3rd line defensive forward who kills penalties. He doesn't need to be on the PP to post decent scoring totals. In addition, he can play any forward position if he has to. He has at least three seasons of NHL experience at each position.

Originally Posted by McKeen's Hockey Pool Guide 2010-11
a hyperactive sparkplug who darts all over the ice thanks to his outstanding speed and skating ability... has good hands and excels at rushing the puck through the neutral zone and gaining the offensive blueline, though his repertoire f moves has grown predictable... ultimately effective playing an abrasive style, fearlessly driving his tiny body into high traffic areas...less effective in traffic and missing that mean passionate edge since being diagnosed in 2007 with leukemia... still proved a capable torpedo with the ducks as he creates turnovers and forecheck confusion that played a part in linemates' strong finish.


next, I select a player who impresses me more each time I look at him: Playmaking RW Nelson Emerson. Emerson topped 50 points four times, including 70 twice. (the 1995 lockout season would have projected to 63 points for him, too) At this time his 488 career points are 3rd among available players. He's actually been just as productive as Blake on a per-game basis, except that he wasn't as effective at ES and was instead heavily utilized on the PP where his playmaking skills served him well.

Best 5 percentage scores: 66, 55, 53, 51, 50.

Crazy stat time: Emerson's 148 career power play assists are 34 more than any other available player!

He was not a hugely renowned two-way forward, but he wasn't bad, and he did kill a fair amount of penalties: 18%, for teams 3% worse than average. Not bad.

Emerson will complete our 2nd line and of course play on the 1st PP unit, possibly on the point.

Originally Posted by Hockey Scouting Report 1994-95
speed, speed and more speed. Add some puck control, and you have the essence of Emerson... on the PP, Emerson can play either point or work down low. He has an excellent point shot, keeping it low, on target and tippable. He is very intelligent with the puck and doesn't always fire from teh point, but works the puck to the middle of the blueline and uses screens well... Emerson works well down low at even strength. He is mature and creative, with a terrific short game. He has quick hands... He likes to work from behind the net, tempting the defense to chase him behind the cage... he has good quickness and balance, and he darts in and out of traffic in front of the net. He's too small to do any physical damage. He can use his speed to drive wide on a defensman...

Emerson has good skating balance, and that will give him a little edge to knock a bigger player off stride once in a while. He will work hard defensively but has to play a smart small man's game to avoid getting pasted... Emerson will never be a star, but he will rack up 70 points and give the jets a strong second line. He is developing into a top-notch two-way forward.

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