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12-16-2011, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Yeah, sure, Price stole that...

Montreal outchanced New Jersey 19-18, in a game where the Habs led most of the way. While Price outperforming Brodeur, especially in the first, was a key factor in the game, I wouldn't call that "stealing the game" either.

It was nothing like when Thomas robbed the Habs blind.

You really have no idea of what you're talking about...
Dude... here's your problem.

You think that chances = goals and that hasn't been the case. Just because we have 'chances' doesn't mean we actually score. You have to actually convert those chances to goals.

Go look at that game time thread. Go read what people are writing in the third period. Price was a wall. And if we had a lesser goalie we'd have lost that game because we CAN'T PUT PUCKS IN THE NET.

You're so busy with your nose so far in the book that you don't take actual goals into account. Whether we get chances or not WE DONT SCORE VERY MUCH. So we have to rely on our goalie to win us a lot more games than we should. It would be different if we were actually converting on more chances but we don't. We rely on our goalies way too much and it's been that way since Jose Theodore was here.

But you sit there and talk about chances... who gives a crap about chances when you are looking backwards at the games we've already played? What matters is whether or not we scored... and we didn't. And for you to actually sit there and downplay Price who's been on fire since we started winning really shows that you have no clue how valuable he is to us. He's the main reason we are even close to a playoff spot. Without him we'd be smoked.

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