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Originally Posted by token grinder View Post
go watch the sequence again. Holmstrom does not have position, hillen is in front of the net. Holmstrom comes and doesn't even have to shove hillen to get position. Just kinda glides in and hillen moves for him. Shot is taken and then holmstrom pushes hillen away with ease and pots the rebound. I seriously doubt hillen has been told to play the front of the net like a pansy.

and our pk that has been very good as of late? 10/14 or 71%. before last night, 5 penalties in 4 games helped make it seem like it was doing very well. Our pk has stunk this year, and last night went 0 for 2. and our 4 game losig streak that preceded this nice little run our pk was humming along at 64% or 11 kills in 17 chances. 82.7 for the year, which is 15th, or average. our improved pp offsets it a bit, but to my point, our pk stinks compared to the high level we are used to and hillen is a big part of that.
All I know is both Bouillon and Hillen played their men the exact same way, as did the Wings' defensemen against our guys in front of the net. And regardless of what Crusty says, that is the way defensemen cover those guys in front of the net on the kill these days in the NHL. I agree both Bouillon and Hillen, especially, could have done a better job handling their guys, but this is the way they are taught to play them. They would rather block the shot than allow a tip.

Up until last night the PK had not allowed a goal in the previous 4 games. It now stands at 15th in the league at 82.7%. It needs to get over 85% to be in the top 10, which I think it will. Trotz said last night he has been happy with the kill even though they were dinged twice last night.

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