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Originally Posted by AraGOHABSGO View Post
Then you need a robot not a human. If a goalie steal games ALL THE TIME, that means your team should go 82-0-0. Let me know if you already saw this? I think not...

Plus this is the stupidest thing ever, no one is perfect JEEZ!. Ovechkin deserves 9mil$? When he doesnt put up poitns in every single game? Malkin doesnt put up points in every single game. So doesnt Crosby.. Nobody can be perfect for 82 games, stop dreaming for a perfect player. PERFECT IS NOT OF THIS WORLD!

Altough, I dont think Price is going to get 7mil$. It's his 3rd contract, so I will say around 4.5-6mil$.
But if Price goes UFA, forget about it, he gets his 7mil$.
Read my post. I said almost all the time, not all the time. 7 mill goalies will steal games and shut it down with a lead almost all the time. That's why they would earn 7 mill. Which by the way only about 3 goalies have ever earned.

LG got this, and he started the damn thread!

This is not controversial stuff. I did not say your mom wears army boots. Even though I have pics of her wearing them.

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