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12-16-2011, 12:46 PM
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I am lost. WHy is everyone complaning about the 35+ rule? The 35+ rule is a good one; it prevents the signing of a contract with the full intention of a player retiring before the end of the deal. LTIR is where Pronger is; not retirement. If he retires, we are ******. If he stays LTIR, then we can spend the 4.9 million per year on another player. LTIR is in place for this reason; Snider is willing to pay more than the cap; we will spend the 65 million instead of 60 million and have 60 million worth of injury free players on our team; just like everyone else.

I wish Pronger wasn't injured; but the CBA rules are fine.
If the Player wants to retire, he can retire. The team can't stop him from doing that. But if he's doing so because he's injured too badly to play, then whats the difference between LTIR and retirement? In either case it's unfair to stick the team with the cap hit.

Pronger shouldnt have to come back every year and pretend to try and come back if he truly can't just to help the team out

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