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12-16-2011, 12:48 PM
Jack de la Hoya
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Originally Posted by BringBackStevens View Post
If the Player wants to retire, he can retire. The team can't stop him from doing that. But if he's doing so because he's injured too badly to play, then whats the difference between LTIR and retirement? In either case it's unfair to stick the team with the cap hit.

Pronger shouldnt have to come back every year and pretend to try and come back if he truly can't just to help the team out
What's the alternative, doing away with the 35+ rule entirely. Then we are back to square one re: cap abuse.

You're also forgetting the part where Pronger gets paid to try to come back each year. It's not like he (or any other player) would be doing it solely out of fidelity to the organization.

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