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12-16-2011, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by LePoche69 View Post
I think your post is over the top and exagerate, but there is some truth to it. Price makes a lot of nice saves in the games, but I do agree that this year, he shows a tendency of letting bad goals in at bad time. The goal from the blueline yesterday was unacceptable in a close game.

I think people overreact this year because they overestimate the players. Some examples:
  • Price is a top 10-12 goalie in the league, certainly not a top 5.
  • Subban is a good young d-man, with great potential, but nothing more. He's far from a #1 d-man.
  • Eller is a good young player but has a very poor vision and makes poor decision. Unable to make a pass or cycling the puck (I respect your posts and views, Qui Gon Dave, but I think your wrong; Eller always get back too close to the blueline before cycling the puck and it almost always result in a turnover or a givaway).
  • Plekanec is a PK specialist who's a first line center by default. A player every team wants, but not as a first line center.
  • Gorges is nothing more than a #5-6 d-man. If he's more than that on your team, then you're fighthing for a playoffs spot.
  • People like Emelin because he hits hard, but he's avegare at best in his territory.

I could go on. But I'm flamed every time I state these things even if the team's results the past few years seems to indicate that I'm more right than wrong.

Of course it would change when the injured players will come back, maybe enough to make the playoffs, but not much. Markov hasn't played for almost 2 years, Gionta looked over the hill before his injury, White is nothing more than a 4th line player, and Moen can't play better than he had until now. And is it necessary tyo talk about Gomez? Strangely, I think he's maybe the one that could help more. People will hate to admit that, but the guy had 4 pts in 13 games, which is a better pace than Eller.

I really think Gauthier should change the makeup of this team.
I don't agree with parts of this. Price is a hell of a lot closer to a top 5 goalie then a a 10th or 12th goalie. I don't think any said PK is a number 1 dman yet but I don't see him being all that far off and is easily a #2. Also Gorges is a top 4 and easily.

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