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12-16-2011, 12:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Protest View Post
It's a good idea, but poor execution.

What if Pronger got his severe concussion in a car accident? Is there anything in there that prevents the team from being stuck with his cap hit? And why should they be on the hook for something like that?
Define "on the hook". If by "on the hook" you mean they have to pay it; then it doesn't matter the age, all NHL contracts are guaranteed contracts, so regardless of where the injury occured, the player gets paid. If you are talking about against the cap; then again, the CBA allows teams to spend that players dollars in replacement players. If the replacement player money does not take you "over the cap", then your cap number does not increase. If it does, then you are allowed to go over by the injured players salary (pro-rated based on average daily number for the days he is injured).

LTIR is a problem when players "come back" before end of year. The Flyers got screwed with this when Briere was hurt, in Prongers case, he is gone, the Flyers are free to spend money to replace him because he is not coming back.

IMO - The system is working. If they didn't have a 35+ rule, Lidstrom could sign in Detroit for 5 years 3 million per cap hit front loaded at 6 mllion per in the first two years. Then retire about year 2 leaving 3 million on the table; Lidstrom wins, Detroit wins......but every other team is the league loses. No good. You need the 35+ rule in place. The only way out of it is; if you have a major injury that is preventing you from playing. Pronger has that injury, is on LTIR, so we are not screwed by the 35+ rule.

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