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12-16-2011, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by JoeFlyer View Post
Also right now Nashville have only 12 of this years 21 players signed next year. 5 of those 9 are RFA's (Weber included) and 4 of the 9 are their defense (Weber and Suter included) and they have only $33m to get them all signed up in total cap space (though that will likely change).

Rinne's deal more that doubles next year so even if they expand their spending they don't have a lot of room to play with. Not only that but Weber didn't exactly dive at the offers he got from Nashville this past year so it looks like a longer term cheaper cap deal might not be on the cards either. You'd be thinking Suter is gonna get a much bigger deal too.

If they resign those two they would be a pretty weak team depth wise. Weber and Suter are their only positive D-men in the +/- column as it is...

They might not want to trade but they are most likely gonna be crippling themselves unless they do some very shrewd business for depth players in the summer... (Oh and the year after next the have another 9 players either UFA or RFA...)
So what you're saying is that you agree with me?

This is why no one outside of Nashville believes both Suter and Weber will be back. Someone still needs to score goals, and they have a strong defensive prospect pool (Blum, Ellis, Josi, etc.)

Will we be in for whichever of Suter or Weber become available? Who knows. But it would be a big move. And Chairman Ed likes big moves.

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