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12-16-2011, 03:33 PM
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Originally Posted by jeh82 View Post
I don't think that's right. If you aren't medically cleared to practice, then you don't need to practice to show that you are trying to return.

Basically, as long as he isn't medically cleared to practice or play, and decides not to voluntarily retire, the Flyers problem is more an inconvenience (less flexibility in the offseason) than a catastrophe. As long as Pronger is stands to take in millions of dollars just to not say he's retiring, I'm fairly confident he won't.

The last two years of his deal, when he stands to make "just" 525, would be the only time I could really imagine him voluntarily walking away.
In that case he just sits back and takes a payday. And considering the Flyers are, for arguments sake, owned by Comcast, I can't see them wanting to nickel and dime him, so he'll get his payday with no argument from the Flyers.

Originally Posted by phillyfanatic View Post
Nope. Each offseason, Pronger is back on the teams salary cap. If the Doctors prevent Pronger from playing hockey due to an injury, then he is put on LTIR. The NHL can dispute if they believe the player is able to play; Clearly, in this case, it is legit.

The Flyers are able to go 10% over the cap until the start of the season. Therefore, in the current world, they can have a payroll including Pronger up to 66 million before the beginning of camp. Once camp starts, Pronger is on LTIR and the Flyers are under the cap using LTIR. Really, there is no issue.

Next year, Pronger might come back. Great. If however the Doctors say, nope, your done. Then he goes on LTIR and we spend that money on a free agent D-man to replace him. He won't be as good.....but that is a different question.

System works.
Pretty much what I said above. Then there's no problem.

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