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12-16-2011, 02:40 PM
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The biggest reason this is now getting "attention" is simple.

These guys have guaranteed money, most are millionaires or close to it and they see no reason what so ever to risk that to play hockey.

Players in years past had fewer teams to play for, weren't making crazy amounts of money and had tons of players itching to get a shot to take their jobs away. Those guys could not shut down for months at a time because it would cost them their jobs.

There was also a lot more hooking and obstruction so the game and hits were slowed down some. The law of unintended consequences, they wanted to get the hooking and holding cleaned up and speed up the game, they did but with the results of guys getting nailed more often. Add to it the instigator penalty and we have what we have now.

Perhaps they shouldn't have put the instigator in until they got the hooking etc fix and then instituted it.

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