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12-16-2011, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Actually, that's exactly what you're doing...

As for your point about if the team had more cap awareness, we could have a few more good players.

What's to say that if the Habs had more cap space and acquired more players, that those acquired players, would underachieve just like Cammy, Gionta & Gomez are???

Gomez making 7.3M is not what's hurting the team...what's hurting the team is Gomez makign 7.3M AND while not producing.

Trust me, if Gomez finished the year with 70pts and the Habs won the Cup, you wouldnt care at all that he was overpaid.
Of course I wouldn't complain, he wouldn't be freaking overpaid if he scored 70 pts. There is absolutely zero chance he's going to do either of those things. Sure, Gainey couldn't have known that at the time, but that ship has long sailed and the team is responsible for taking the steps necessary to correct those mistakes.

I am not arguing he be buried in-season. That would be a waste since freeing that cap space serves no practical value in-season. The ONLY reason to demote him right now is if it is an actual hockey reason (IE: He is literally worse than whoever would be recalled from the minors).

However, the onus should be on the team to identify and acquire better players in the offseason and if the opportunity is there to do so at the expense of demoting Gomez next year, then they absolutely should do that. But they won't.

Your argument against me here is arguing my point for me. Gomez isn't overpaid because he makes 7 million, he's overpaid because he's terrible AND makes 7 million. I am not suggesting anything different, and I fail to understand how that distinction somehow excuses the fact that the team factors in his hilarious contract when acquiring players rather than being willing to admit their error, demote him and improve the team should the chance arise.

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