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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
look at that... instead of getting all emotional about my "dishonesty", you could have simply corrected my very honest mistake... I was looking up stats from February 8th instead of 18th... got the trade date mixed up in my head

so the laffs were 12-7-4 after moving Kaberle... not quite as impressive as 15-8-6, but still a much better winning % than with him in the lineup.

they were 7-6-1 in the month prior to him getting traded, so again, as much as they were playing better in the new year, their winning % (both overall season, and month-to-month) still shot up after he was removed from the lineup.

And again, you miss the point completely by trying to see things in black & white ("if Kabarle was sooo bad...").

Kaberle on the leafs = top-pairing dman on a team well below .500

Kaberle on the bruins = 5-6 dman on an eventual cup champion

Kaberle is a solid hockey player, he's just not good enough (at this stage in his career, why the decline? i've offered my opinion based on what seems most likely given the little we do know) to be considered a solid top-pairing dman, at least not on a contender.

he's much closer to a MAB, one-dimensional special teams asset, then he is a well-rounded every situation dman.

That makes him overpaid, imo, @ 4.25M$, and it's why it was a bad decisions, imo, to trade for him without getting more in return.

4.25M$ for a one-dimensional player is too much, our management didn't think so either b/c they think he is/will be more than that (mistake imo, and according to other NHL GM's like Chiarelli & Rutherford), or b/c they think adding him is enough of a salve for this team (also a mistake, imo).

you can make it about "hating on kaberle", or "hating on management" if that makes you feel better, but detaching from the emotions might make it easier for you
You neglect the bare bones fact that Kaberle in his career has been an all star caliber offensive d-man capable of putting up even close to 70pts from the back end. That even in a bad season he puts up 45+ points and that MAB would be dreaming to be as good as Kaberle when he's on his game.

Kaberle got that contract because he's been a solid offensive d-man, is he an all around d-man? No. But it is really unfair to compare him to MAB:

That in no way even compares to Kaberle. It's a very unfair comparison. Kaberle is capable of being a plus player he has been before, not often but he was on awful teams to be fair. Give the guy a chance. In 1-2 months post his habs stats and we'll talk.

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