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Originally Posted by Avder View Post
Can he play in the Q, participate in the WJC, and then head to Houston?
Yes, he can but Saint John would have to have a short playoff run, and then he would join Houston for theirs.

Originally Posted by GM17 View Post
I personally believe they'll allow him to play in Saint John because of the quality of his teammates and the experience of the coaching staff.

Gallant's played in the NHL for several years and _head_ coached a team for a few (granted it was Columbus, grain of salt taken). He's lost in the Q finals, won the Q playoffs, won the memorial cup, and clearly has a great team.

They're guaranteeing him competitive practice, 30 reg season games, 16-20 playoff games, and memorial cup games. His potential new team is almost a metaphysical lock for the memorial cup title, provided they can all stay healthy. That's GREAT experience.

He could've got some professional man's hockey under his belt which would've aided in his "mental" training, but it certainly doesn't make it a significant hinderance to his development (if one at all). Who he's playing against,'ll correct itself come playoff time at least when all the bottom feeder random teams are gone.

To cap it all off, Phillips is there already and you'll all have a great reason to cheer on the team!
This, Saint John have a dam good team and a dam good program, he wasn't dominiating NCAA, he's going to come here and domininate, people forget that 18,19 and 20 year olds play junior, he will likely play top line minutes which means top opposition, and Saint John were expected to repeat, now they most likely will, and they will make a move or 2 that will ensure that. He's going to get invaluable experience here, there's no need to rush him or to fast track him, let him coem here, adjust to the simulated pro experience, and then go to Houston next year, with a ton of confidence. He's best off coming here where he can acclimate easier then being thrown in Houston in a much better league where he will have to earn his time, and be playing a much higher level, and a higher skilled level and he will have the crazy travel of pro hockey.

Here he can adjust slowly and build his confidence while learninig from great coaches.

I remember when I suggested that Coyle would do well in the Q, and everyone said not a chance, well I told you so. And he thrive here and it will set him up nicely for the future, the Detroit Red Wings way is the best way.

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