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12-16-2011, 06:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Casper View Post
so lets get this straight...

one of our top prospects
A) couldn't handle the 'rigors' of a light academic workload
B) ditched out on his team just as one of their top players is suspended indefinitely and the going gets tough
C) Is leaving because of the way the team treated a man accused of attempting to **** some girl...
This is my guess.

My co-captain of my high school lacrosse team got in some **** his senior year and almost got kicked off the team. All the seniors on the team vowed that if he was kicked off, we would leave as well. Luckily nothing happened and I doubt we would have gone through with it anyway, but someone getting removed from the team does stuff to the rest of the guys. I'm not saying that Coyle was in the same boat but it wouldn't surprise me Coyle was actually effected by that, especially if some of the rumors are true and that Trev's dismissal was because of an over-exaggerated and out of proportion for what he actually did. Note: I'm not trying to defend him, I don't know the full story. I'm just speculating on what I've heard and read.

I'm going to guess that Coyle might have been having some issues academically that weren't too serious, but when his buddy was removed and the coach handled the situation in the way he did that it pushed Coyle over the edge.

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