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12-07-2005, 02:38 PM
Jack Canuck
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Originally Posted by JohnnyChoice
maybe some people from the great white north can help me with this

does playing pong hockey mess up your edges really bad?

and how do you know if a pond is frozen enough to play on?
I don't know if there is a proper way, but I often just used to chop through the ice with an axe in various spots to make sure it was thick. Then again if the whole pond is frozen the edges are likely to be thick enough anyway I think.

The other way that I have tried is to walk out as far as you can to see if the ice will start to crack. I would not recomend this method as I was young and dumb when I last tried it, and my dog fell through just ahead of me. The dog got out wet and cold but survived and probably saved me in the end.

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