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The old lists were shown to slightly favor players who played during the Original 6 period and the 1970s. I'm not passing judgment on whether that is a good thing or a bad thing; it is a numerical fact.

See (this post) on how the Original 6 was favored in the 2009 project.

I'm pretty sure I remember someone analyzing the 2008 project by decade and found that the 1970s were the most represented, with everything before World War 2 and after 1980 less represented. (I think the specifics were that the 50s, 60s, and 70s had the most NHL players but the 70s also added players from Europe. Yet the 80s had fewer NHLers and Europeans).

So I find it interesting that basically every player who went up in ranking either played before World War 2 or after 1980, and every player who went down played between World War 2 and 1980. The big exception is Dit Clapper who is a special case (Tim Horton only went up because Clapper went down).

Al MacInnis stuck out like a sore thumb in the 2008 list for his high ranking relative to contemporaries, and many people wanted to lower his ranking - indeed he went from 64th to not in the top 70 in the 2009 list. Looks like the 2011 Defenseman project took the opposite approach - rather than lowering MacInnis down to the level of Stevens and Leetch, we raised Stevens and Leetch closer to the level of MacInnis.

If you think the high representation of the Original 6 period and the 1970s in the previous lists were unjustified, then this is a positive development. If you think the Original 6 and the 1970s represented the Golden Age of Hockey and had more great players, this is a negative development.

It's only a small change as pappy points out, but it does seem to represent a slight shift in the collective viewpoint of this board.

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