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12-16-2011, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by sandlansd View Post
Posted this in another thread, figured I'd post it here too:

I have a pretty well-regarded neurologist in my family who also happens to be an avid sports fan, so I asked him for his take on all of this... here's the summary:

-Pronger being out for the rest of the season isn't a definite. It is the concussion experts' "best guess" at when his symptoms may subside based on their current severity.

-I say "best guess" because 90% of concussions and post-concussion syndrome injuries don't show up on an MRI or any other type of scan, so neurologists can't go by anything other than the symptoms. And they can't put together anything more than an "educated guess" on how long a player will be sidelined being that they can't actually see how severely the brain is injured or how well / fast it is healing.

-Pronger could indeed never have the symptoms go away and he could be done for his career... this happens in a rare few cases of severe post concussion syndrome... HOWEVER, it's just as likely (if not more likely) that he is symptom free in 2-3 months and ready to go for the playoffs. Basically, the odds are equal for Pronger being out either longer or shorter than the time-frame the doctor gave.

My guess (and this is me hypothesizing) is that the Flyers reported the news as they did so that Pronger doesn't become a constant distraction to the team. Being asked every day for progress reports, asking players how they feel without their captain, if they've heard any news or if they've heard so and so rumor is terribly distracting and can derail a team.

In the way that the Flyers have handled things, the team now has certainty. Pronger won't be back and it's up to everyone else to shoulder the load and go forward. Everyone knows what they need to do... there is 0 uncertainty.

And if Pronger does somehow come back, it will be a total surprise and a gigantic boost to the team.

This was 100% the best way for the Flyers to handle it (regardless of whether Pronger is 100% not coming back for the playoffs or if it's just "doubtful" he comes back for the playoffs). The way they've handled things, there's no let-down if he doesn't come back (which is the expected outcome), but there's a huge boost if he can in fact return.

Well done Homer and co... you handled this announcement properly IMO.
I'm pretty sure this is exactly what I was saying, except with no neurologist haha. I this this is most logically where we stand.

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