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12-17-2011, 02:36 AM
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Originally Posted by saffronleaf View Post
You're correct if you're talking about one single fan that has a problem with something about the game.

Now please understand: I don't think this poll is accurate or reflective of popular opinion.

However, IF it is an accurate representation of popular opinion, then of course that opinion carries weight and matters significantly.

The NHL isn't composed of a group of starving bohemian artists who do what they please regardless of what others think. The NHL is a business whose goal is to cater to the whims of its audience in order to entertain them and therefore produce revenues for the owners of its franchises.

SO you're right that one person's opinion won't matter; that may be a case of a fan exaggerating his/her self-importance. But if 60% of fans agree on something, and they take a hard stance on something, you better believe that the NHL will seriously consider that opinion.
I appreciate well articulated (and respectful) point of view.

But the NHL already considers this topic (fighting). And ultimately, they do not and will not (nor should, IMO), base their decision on such matters on poll. Would fan sentiment factor in? Perhaps, if they ever got to serious consideration of banning fighting. However, factors such as players' health, and the potential consequences of eliminating fighting, i.e., more stickwork, etc., will take priority.

I'll end my participation in this thread on that harmonious note...and get back to enjoying the NHL that is.

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