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12-17-2011, 02:54 AM
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The issue with this poll isn't the size of the sample. Most polls use approximately the same number of respondents in their sample population, with a relatively low percentage of error.

The issue is whether the sample population is representative of the target population. For the NHL, the target population is (I would assume), "people who pay money to watch hockey, purchase merchandise, etc". As far as I know, this poll surveyed average Canadians, without taking into consideration if they were a hockey fan or not (that's right, not all Canadians are hockey fans ). This is similar to polling 1000 Canadians and asking them if they were supportive of banning the UFC from holding events in their cities. The UFC doesn't care if large percentages of people who don't pay for their product disapprove of their practices, and I assume the NHL shares that sentiment.

If a poll came out that asked NHL fans if they supported banning fighting in hockey, then that would carry more weight in the mind of the NHL brass. But then the problem of defining "fan" would become an issue.

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